Regardless of your goals and training experience, our coaching team can create the perfect, progressive programme for you that WILL fast track your goals.


If you are new to the gym and want a kick start, if you have an injury and would like some rehab guidance or if you are experienced in the gym and want to take your training to the next level… then this is for you!

A thorough, in depth, no stone left unturned approach is used to get the best results from your time in the gym by looking at a variety of lifestyle factors along with advanced movement testing. This will allow our coaches to have a sound understanding of you and your body. This process is not rushed as we allow two hours with a member of our fantastic coaching team.

Depending on your goals, some or all of the following will be looked at:

1 hour consultation

  • Health and goals discussed
  • Biomechanics testing
  • Postural assessment
  • Range of movement testing
  • Measurements & Skin Fold Test
  • Nutritional guidance

Detailed programme written

  • Please allow up to a week for this

1 hour demonstration

  • Your PT will guide you through your new programme

Personal Training

If you want to fast track your training results we have the best Personal Training team in the business; hit the link to meet the coaching team and find out more.