Keith is a practitioner specialising in Reflexology, Microsystems Acupuncture and Natural Nutrition. All of these approaches, either separately or in combination, can support you to achieve balance in your physical, energetic and mental and emotional life.

Keith Moore

Keith Moore began to develop his interest in Reflexology in Japan between 1997 and 2001 and worked with clients with various health issues both in Japan and Brazil. On returning to England in 2002 he received formal training, gaining a Diploma with the International Institute of Reflexology in 2003.Since then, he has had a busy Reflexology and Metamorphic Technique practice in Harley Street, Covent Garden and Kings Cross in London.

He currently works in Hastings with clients presenting conditions such as depression, stress, fertility problems, chronic back pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, ME, Diabetes, and various addictions. Keith is NHS registered as a Reflexologist and Metamorphic Technique practitioner and has a weekly hospital practice in East Sussex NHS for clients experiencing a broad spectrum of acute physical and mental health issues.

Having worked holistically to successfully overcome his own health challenges, Keith draws on nutritional self-help tools to empower his clients to find a healthy balance in their lives. He brings to his work intuition and an attentive and sensitive presence rooted in twenty five years meditation practice and fifteen years of shamanic study.Keith is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) as a Reflexologist and Microsystems Acupuncturist.

Keith is available Tuesdays 9.30 - 13.30 for the following treatments:

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  Individual Session   Block Booking
Refelxology £50   £180 - 4 sessions
Cosmetic Acupuncture  £55   £480 - 10 treatments
Facial Rejuvination Massage  £50  £180 - 4 sessions
Metamorphic Practices  £50   /

To book please contact Keith on 07743 696353 or by email at

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