Updated booking system 20.09.20

Since being given the green light to reopen our doors, we have kept a close eye on which areas of the gym and classes you have all been enjoying the most. Powered by this, our ethos and your feedback (thank you), we have made some changes! 
We are updating our booking system for the new set up which will be ready by the end of the week. 
Until then, no need to book, just show up!

Currently there are no zones so please be conscientious and keep up the adherence to our guidelines:


1-Sign in (this is imperative for ‘track and trace’)
2-Take a temperature gun shot to the head from our trigger happy reception team
3-Grab a bottle of disinfectant and micro-fibre cloth
4-Wipe down everything that has been touched after use, everytime. 
5-Socially distance throughout 
6-Smile, train smart and lift heavy stuff!

NOTE: Zone booking system below is out of action until further notice




we're with you every rep of the way