At any one time there will be a member of the team on the gym floor, beyond the tattoos and beards they're a friendly bunch and more than happy to help!

David Gover

  • BA (Hons) Sports Management
  • Level 4 Personal Trainer
  • GP Referral and Lower Back Pain
  • Strong First Kettlebell Instructor
  • Strong First Lifters Certification
  • Boxing, Basketball, Tennis and Badminton Coach
Training Styles:
  • Hypertrophy
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Biomechanics Screening

I love my job and thrive on seeing people making improvements whether that be to their body composition, strength, conditioning or mobility.

Above all the physiological changes I love seeing shifts in peoples attitudes that come with achieving their training goals; increased self-confidence, energy and a shift in their personal perception of what is possible.

Training wise, I focus heavily on improving movement patterns by getting rid of restrictions, improving stability and increasing strength. I am passionate about the health and body composition benefits of resistance training/moving weights. The message that I fight hard to instil in people is: Appropriate compound lifts such as the deadlift can and should be performed by everyone, regardless of age and gender....This means you!

Olly Stables

  • BSc. Sport Science
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 1 GB Boxing Instructor
  • Level 1 Crossfit Coach
  • Nutritional Advisor 
Training Styles:
  • Fat Loss/Body Transformations
  • Mobility/Postural Corrections
  • Injury Prevention/Rehab

Graduating with a BSc Sport Science degree from the University of Central Lancashire, has proved valuable to my career here at Gover Gym.

As a Level 3 Personal Trainer I believe my knowledge in sport, performance and nutrition is expansive and continually broadening through reading and research.

Nutrition has always been a big passion of mine, always researching and finding out the best solution to help my self and others achieve the right results.

My current training is primarily Crossfit training. I am a qualified Level 1 Crossfit Coach, with the intention of developing my coaching and knowledge within the Crossfit discipline.

I am a keen sportsperson, having played years of rugby. This has lead to me being motivated and inspired by others. I thrive off people achieving results and meeting their goals, ‘no goal is too big, it’s just how you go about achieving that goal’.

I look forward to any challenge and consider myself to be friendly, fun and affable.

Alex Palmer


The Yeti­­­­­­­

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 1 GB Boxing Coach
Training Styles:
  • High Energy Resistance Training
  • Fat Loss/Body Conditioning
  • Ladies Lifting Coach

I love to motivate I like to bring the best out in my clients. I have been through a tough weight battle of my own and know that it’s possible for anyone to change. I did it and so can you. I joined Go:ver Gym as a member and developed a love for lifting and lifting heavy. I then become part of the incredible Go:ver Gym team in March 2015, leaving my job as a chef after 6 years.I have a new found love of rugby and play for Heathfield & Waldron Rugby Club.

I am a very approachable guy with a great sense of humour; I can communicate on all levels and will ensure my clients are happy and comfortable at all times, whilst pushing them to their full potential.