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The goal of all our January courses are to give your body the best possible start to 2017. The three courses are the most thorough we have conceived to date and aim to make the biggest changes possible in the twelve week time frame. The courses will also give the skill-set and knowledge to make progress sustainable. Choose a course that is best suited to your goal:



Is designed to reduce your body fat percentage, improve conditioning and overall health


With closely monitored nutritional programming this course will add muscle and reduce body fat percentage


This is a straight hypertrophy course that will add the maximum amount of muscle size possible whilst keeping a handle on body fat composition.


The courses comprise of four weekly training sessions for twelve consecutive weeks; 06:00-07:00am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday's. A full and bespoke nutrition plan is tailored to each athlete and monitored/updated weekly.

Due to popular demand, an additional time of 11.00 -12.00 will be running for the Fat Loss Course.



There will be an obligatory seminar that will go over the finer details of how the course will run and what the athletes can expect in the upcoming weeks. It is also a good opportunity to meet the rest of the athletes as well as the GO:VER coaching team.



Although the content of the three courses varies, each follow the below set of guidelines:

The training follows a progressive, periodised programme that is broken into three, four week phases.

Compound lifting is the foundation of the course, there is comprehensive coaching on how to perform these lifts with sound technique. Emphasis during the course is placed on correct movement mechanics in the lifts for performance as well as injury prevention.

For each athlete, every single repetition is recorded to ensure that weight selection is correct.

Mental toughness and a positive attitude is required.



We have partnered up with 'ZERO LIMITATIONS' to oversee the nutritional element of the course. From the horses mouth:

Zero limitations is an online nutrition company designed to help you create a healthy relationship with food. Its programme is based around counting macronutrients. To ensure you have sufficient energy levels, muscle growth and changing your body composition for the better we must make sure you are consuming the correct ratios of protein, carbs and fats (macronutrients).  With the information you provide us based upon your goals, lifestyle, current and previous nutritional habits, Zero Limitations will create a bespoke nutrition programme for you.

As Zero Limitations is a flexible nutrition company we believe that educating you with the correct tools on how to achieve your goals without having to restrict yourself will help you create and develop a healthy relationship with food and ensure you never need to ‘diet’ again.

What happens If I sign up?

Upon signing up to the 12 week course you will receive a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire form for you to fill out. (PLEASE take your time with filling this out and be 100% honest with your answers as your programme will be based around the answers provide). You will also be sent the Zero Limitations PDF Bible. This bible will give you all the tools you need to get started and set you on the right path to success.

Before receiving your programme you will send in 'before' pictures.

Once the pictures have been received you will meet your coach online and be sent your programme within the next 3-5 working days.

Every week you will have a designated check in day. This check in day is a great time to assess how your previous week has gone and make any necessary adjustments to your programme with the information and results provided.

We offer 24/7 coach support. We will do our absolute best to return your query within 24 hours.

Having to be accountable to someone every week ensures you’re staying on track with your goals. With the help of your coaches there really is no excuse to fall off the wagon. If you have any concerns / stumbling blocks, let your coach know and they’ll do their best to provide you with the information to resolve any problem you may face.



Being healthy and injury free is top of our priority list and is taken seriously. The course takes the following steps to off-set this.

Mobility and biomechanics testing - Every athlete is put through a biomechanics and R.O.M test. On the strength of these tests each athlete will receive their very own bespoke mobility programme that will be done after the team warm up each training session.

Intelligent periodisation - To ensure the body can handle the stress of the frequency of training, the programme is progressive with the overall volume. There are weeks of 'de-loading' where the training is focused around mobility and getting rid of individual restrictions.

Active recovery - This means fast tracking the repairing process of the body. To promote active recovery each athlete will have 3x 30 minute massage sessions at set intervals during the twelve weeks. Sleep patterns and stress management are also addressed.

Partner system and 'No bad reps' policy - Athletes will be paired up for the duration of the course. During all the major lifts one athlete is coaching/spotting whilst the other is working. The course builds a culture that puts emphasis on correct technique with full range of movement.



£60 per week



Book at reception or call 01435 408607

£60 non-reundable deposit to secure your space

Remaining payment either in full or split over 3 payments to be paid every 4 weeks

Minimum number required for each course to run = 8 people (a full refund will be given if the course does not run)

Course entry deadline: Friday 25th November 2016



Hayden Rolfe: Nutrition, Measurements

David Gover: Programming and Coaching

Olly Stables: Programming and Coaching

Clare Corney: Coaching

Alex Palmer: Coaching

Richard Poole: Coaching

Jo Christie: Sports Massage


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