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Members of Go:ver Gym have access to Mayfield Swimming pool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.

Please collect a token from Go:ver Gym reception the day you wish to swim.

Tokens are limited per day and will be given out on a first come first served basis.


Updated swim times from Friday 20th April 2018.


We hope that swimmers of all abilities and confidence levels can enjoy the Community Swim Sessions, to try and cater for all pool users we would like to propose the following for next term:


Mondays & Wednesdays – (1815 – 2015)

1815 – 1845 (priority for social swimmers)

It would be appreciated if faster swimmers could delay their swim if at all possible and give priority to those less confident. Please avoid using training aids such as fins or snorkels during this time and provide time and space to others.

1845 – 1945

We will use lanes to separate the different swimmers, please try and swim in a lane with others of a similar ability.

1945-2015 (priority for faster swimmers)

It would be appreciated if faster swimmers could delay their swim or at least the faster parts of their set until the last half an hour of the session.


Fridays – (1830 – 2000)

Fridays are usually less busy but again please try and be considerate to other pool users and swim in a lane appropriate to your current ability.



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