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The weight was dropping but my stress was not! By Richard Poole

29-November-2016 17:06
in General
by Richard Poole

So it turns out 3 weeks is not a very long time, I have enjoyed the process of changing my eating habits, trying to optimise my training and ultimately trying to create a sustainable and achievable level of weight and fitness management. After trying to absorb as much of The Primal Blueprint as possible, I feel that this could very well be the future of how I am going to manage my life. I also read/ listened to the Primal Connection, this focuses on the lifestyle side of primal living more than the eating side, which if I’m learning anything on this journey is by far the most important side of any sustainable change.

One of the best things that I have taken from the Primal Connection is the need to get out In the sun and enjoy being in the fresh air, so I have taken this very literally, any opportunity to just sit and be still in the sun has been snapped up. There is huge evidence to suggest that the majority of the population suffers from a certain level of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) this can range from a low, unmotivated grumpy feeling right the way through to full blown depression, now I am no doctor, but I understand this is caused by reductions in certain happy hormones and can be due to a reduction of Vit D, increasing exposure to sunlight will help to increase this, and will hopefully help to increase mood.

No I’m not lying out in the garden lathered up with goose fat, allowing myself to burn to a crisp but grabbing a quick 10- 15 mins with my top off in the back garden has improved my mood and has left me with a great summer glow!

 As a family we have started a vegetable garden. This has really helped with engaging the kids in where their food comes from and has really helped give us all an outdoor focus.

As with any major change to the day to day running of life I have discovered things about me that I didn’t know existed or should I say I had chosen to ignore. One of the biggest being the constant criticism I put myself through, you’re too fat, you’re too unfit, why am I bothering to push myself? what is the point to all of this worry, do my friend really support me, are my children going to grow up with the values I am trying to instil in them, etc… etc…  now this all sound a little dramatic and more like the columns of some trashy coffee table magazine but for me it has been a huge part of changing my outlook on life which in turn should help me improve my health and fitness outlook. As I write more of these blogs it turns out more of my big gruff male friends also have similar concerns, however reluctant they are to speak about them publically.

What the primal connect has shown me is that it doesn’t really matter one tiny bit if the answers to all the above are good or bad, good shit happens to bad people and bad shit happens to good people and vice versa, what happens is stuff affects us every single day and it is just a level of perspective that alters and how we deal with it in our current mood.

If I’m in a relaxed and positive mood, a hurricane could hit the house and as long as we are all safe I couldn’t really give two hoots, on a negative and stressful day, the water bill could arrive and suddenly I turn into a stressed anxious wreck wondering if I’m going to cover the bills this month, in reality yes I will get the bills paid and if I don’t the world is not going to crash and burn overnight.

What I am aiming to do is make sure the chilled relaxed days outweigh the stressed days. This I have found is helped by insuring I have a good group of people around me. Family and friends should be people you interact with on a regular basis face to face and not Facebook to Facebook, I love social media when it is used as an extension to being social, when it is used as your only social life, then I think we are on a slippery slope to becoming social Zombies! (But that is for later days ramblings),

I aim to spend my time with people whose company I enjoy and who I feel comfortable enough around to say exactly what is on my mind without too much repercussion. On a family level I am bless and on a friends level I can safely say that I have a good bunch, even if my rugby mates take every opportunity to rip me for my writing, I truly believe that being able to take and receive banter from those closest to you is a huge part of building strong bonds. There is much talk about inner circles of friends and I recon this is true to a certain extent, but those lines of that circle can change blur and alter, there are people in my life who I don’t speak to for months but when we do squeeze a catch up pint in the conversation picks up from where we left it 6 months ago.

The weight loss is heading very much in the right direction I am currently losing 1 kg per week and I’m now sitting at around 113 kg which being now 7 weeks into my journey is bang on target. The focus now is to optimise thoughts and moods to enable me to hit the new goals I am setting myself.




He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Muhammad Ali