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Short term goals, long term dreams... Summer 2016

13-December-2016 12:06
in General
by Richard Poole

So I have been a little quiet recently on the blog front, however this doesn’t mean I have not been putting in the work, as far as my weight loss journey is concerned, after several bouts of a mysterious stomach pain that has now thankfully cleared up, I have been putting the principles of primal living to the test.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the little sun shine we have had in the UK as well as spending quality time with friends and most importantly family during my down time from work.

 I have made extra efforts to mix things up when it comes to cooking healthy nutritious food at home, partially due to not having enough variety in what we were all eating, it was a lot of chicken salads!

As a family we have taken every opportunity to get out in the garden to cook dinner on the BBQ and eat out doors, the kids seem to relish being in the fresh air even more than us adults and I honestly believe that food tastes, looks, smells and is better when enjoyed outside.

 Unfortunately I have also suffered a random and very irritating back injury that has seen me have to sit out of nearly all the pre-season rugby training and has drastically limited the amount of physical activity I have been able to perform. However I am attempting to turn this to my advantage, by working heavily on my mobility and movement.

Being hugely over weight for virtually all of my adult life has left me with many physical and some mental restrictions when it comes to moving at high and more often low speeds. I was completely unaware that I appear to hobble when walking and downright waddle like a duck when I run.

The latter is actually of no real surprise as my college nickname was in fact Mallard, for this exact reason.

As far as my actual weight loss, it is still overall heading in the right direction, I am now weighing in at 109.5 Kg from my original 120.7kg, this hasn’t all been downward, and a few weeks ago it did in fact creep back up to 111.5kg.  This was no surprise after some seriously bad news regarding a good friend, as well as injury, stomach upsets and general shitty summer weather, I found myself without being fully aware, feeling very low mentally.

This saw me paying far less attention to what I was and wasn’t putting into my mouth and honestly included such delicious poisons such as Haribo jelly sweets and even half a pizza one night, now I would not go as far to say that I completely fell off the wagon but there were a few moments where I could have fallen back into some very bad habits.

The key to me not ruining my journey came from stumbling across my 1st ever comparison picture. When I saw the photo even I couldn’t deny the progress, but when I worked out the date I had the original picture taken I was amazed that it was in fact 2 and ½ years since I had taken those pictures, when put next to a current picture the difference was huge, it showed me that although the 2 and a half years had been filled with more ups and downs than most roller coaster rides I was making progress. This in its self-boosted my motivation back where it needed to be and has allowed me to get my journey back on track. I am now setting new short term and long term goals and making sure that I start every day with as positive an attitude as I can muster at 6.00 am



He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Muhammad Ali