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Six habits to adopt when wanting to become LEAN...

28-October-2016 16:42
in General
by Admin

HABIT 1 -  LEAN people know what they eat

  • Most people are ‘grab and go’ eaters. They see food, and it is in their mouth before their mind has a chance to ask that all important question, “Is this helping or hurting my goals?” Lean people know exactly what and how much is going in their mouths. They consciously think about the outcome of their food choices. They may use different methods such as a food journal, a photo food log or a food tracking app on their phone. They may weigh food, measure it or use their hands for portion sizes (e.g. palm-sized serving of lean protein), but one thing is certain – they know what and how much is going in each day.

HABIT 2- LEAN people are consistent

  • A typical trait you’ll see for lean people is consistency inside and out of the gym. They will have fairly regular eating times, quantities, specific foods, anything to help them take that next step to achieving their goal. You will rarely find them miss a training session as they don't want a big ‘DID NOT COMPLETE’ in their training log.
    I can honestly not stress enough that consistency is a real key figure to achieving your goals.

HABIT 3 - LEAN people follow DATA

  • Too many people evaluate their workouts on how they feel. If they left the gym feeling tired and sweaty and were sore the next day – well then it must have been a good workout. Too many people base their eating habits on a philosophy or the latest diet fad. Lean people like to feel good after a workout and choose to follow intelligent eating habits. However, they know that no matter how good a workout feels or how good a diet sounds, if it doesn’t produce results they want, something needs to change.

  • Example; if their goal is to drop BF%, they won't take it by chance/ how they feel. They will have regular re-measures and skin fold test to ensure that the results are going the right direction. If not, they know something isn't working with their nutrition.

HABIT 4 - LEAN people lift weights

  • Next time you step into a gym, go and look to see where the lean people are. They are the ones doing weight training. Yes, you can do some appropriate cardio, but you want to emphasize strength training. Strength training increases your metabolism and builds lean muscle. Gyms are filled with people who slave away on the cardio machines month after month and still don’t get any leaner. Sure there are naturally skinny people who run all the time and are skinny, but we are talking lean here.

HABIT 5 - LEAN people don't feel the need to try the latest ‘wackiest’ exercises

  • Now more than ever people want new, innovative and creative changes to their workouts every time they train (I don't think the internet helps as there is an awful lot of false information around).  Whilst this is fun for your mind, it doesn’t help your body. Your muscles don’t need to be confused. Working out is not what gets you in shape. Progressing a workout is where the magic happens.

HABIT 6 - LEAN people learn and invest

  • Lean people dont get lean out of being lucky (unless you are a gifted genetic freak). Lean people will invest their time and money into educating them on what's the best approach to achieve their goals. This may be them investing in a coach to help progress and educate or it could be simply reading the best books for self education.



  • All of these 6 habits are easy to adopt and are achievable. If your current habits are very different than these and your goal is to get lean, don’t worry and please don’t try to change everything all at once. Just take one habit and work on it until it feels normal to you, then move to another one. Forget trying to get ripped by next week. Instead, progressively adopt the habits.

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