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Mondays Rock...

28-October-2016 16:38
in General
by Admin

Friday hits and you’ve got the whole weekend ahead of you. Blink your eyes once and you’re staring down the last couple hours of Sunday night with Monday looming.

How many times have you heard someone say they have the “Monday Blues?” Most people dread this day, the start of another long work week.

  1. BUT I’m here to tell you that Mondays are awesome, and here’s a few reasons why: It’s the first day of the week and if you were responsible over the weekend, you should be refreshed and ready to tackle whatever is thrown your way.
  2. Not only is it the first day of the week, it’s the first opportunity to start your week off on the right foot. Think of Monday as the first time you meet someone – and first impressions are important. Monday is your chance to make an impression on how the rest of your week will go.
  3. You haven’t gone through the rest of the days in the week yet so Monday theoretically should be the day where you have the highest energy.
  4. Everyone goes away for the weekend so you get to come back in and hang out with your awesome friends and coaches after missing us over the last two days!

In all seriousness though, it is the day that you get to set the tone for how the rest of your workouts will go that week. If you’re anything like me you’re excited for Monday after taking all Sunday to rest and relax.?

Next time you’re looking at the clock Sunday night, dreading Monday morning, keep these little tips in mind and it just might change your outlook on this awesome day! Find a reason Sunday night to get excited for Monday…

This can literally be anything. Breakfast, cup of coffee, seeing a friend.

Go to bed with positive energy!


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