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The impact fitness has on your mind set

28-October-2016 16:28
in General
by Admin

Until you have a regular fitness regime and have that ‘feel good’ factor, everyone underestimates the power that fitness has on your lifestyle and wellbeing.

If you’ve never had a regular positive fitness regime and you claim to feel good daily you are lying to yourself, honestly you feel like shit compared to what you could feel like.

I could just be speaking for myself but 90% of time when I feel like crap / have a terrible mind set it is around the Christmas period.  Back-to-back social events and very, very limited time spend in the gym, if any at all.  My mind set is terrible. I can’t be bothered to go the gym, I feel out of shape and I think I literally turn stupid (even more so than normal).  I put all this down to not having a regular healthy eating and training pattern.

Comparing Christmas to how I feel when I’m in my ‘normal’ routine:  it’s like two completely different mind sets.  Pre and post-Christmas I’m on form, sleeping well, exercising regularly, planning meals and even writing bloody blogs.  For those who know me well or even went to school with me, this will shock them.

Exercise is essential for the brain!

If you don’t believe me give it a go, start exercising.  I dare you!

It’s no secret but an actual fact that having a regular fitness regime will increase productivity levels dramatically.

Although it might seem contradictory, exercising can actually give you more energy in the workplace, helping you avoid the post-lunch crash. It also potentially improves your ability to act as a team player, an essential element to productivity. McKenna's findings note that well-exercised employees are less likely to lose their temper with others. In 2008, a study from the University of Bristol noted that workers who exercised took 25 percent less unscheduled breaks than those who didn't. Similarly, the Journal of Exercise Physiology reports that employees who follow a fitness program exhibit a 22 percent decrease in absenteeism. The American Council on Exercise finds that exercise even causes a 17 percent decrease in the amount of on-the-job injuries.’ – Health professor Jim McKenna of Leeds Metropolitan University.

You don’t even need to exercise every single day to create that positive mind set through exercise.  Training twice a week is a start and you’ll definitely feel the rewards of that ‘feel-good factor’.

5 Steps to creating a positive mind set:
  1. Create a regular fitness regime. This can be doing absolutely anything. Walking, running, football, netball, gym …. ANYTHING, just start exercising!
  2. Find a form of exercise you love. You are more likely to stick to something and feel the benefits if you enjoy doing it!
  3. Start eating whole foods. Again, until you have tried this you won’t understand the benefits.  Just give it a go!
  4. Have a positive attitude – This will help you sustain a healthy positive lifestyle.  Think you’re successful and you will be!
  5. Choose to embrace life!  Your life.  Your responsibility.  Your power. Understand that life won’t always be perfect but don’t let this constantly put a negative effect on your lifestyle.  Quickly find ways to turn the negative into a positive and don’t let it ruin your mind set!


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

If you are currently in a slump, lack motivation or generally have a poor mind set, turn that around immediately!  It’s no way to live life.

This doesn’t mean you need to go 100MPH and totally change your lifestyle. Start making small changes to get the right head space.  Find that routine that fits your lifestyle perfectly. (see previous blog)

You will be so surprised on the positive impact you will feel in day to day life.

If you need help getting in a positive mind set/ need advice, be sure to ask. Always happy to help.


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