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FREE fat loss tips to kick start that beach body!

28-October-2016 16:21
in General
by Admin

FREE did you say?!  NOW you’re hooked AGAIN.

Fat loss is always a hot topic, but now that it’s spring time, everyone is preparing for the upcoming swimsuit season.  And that means a lot of people are trying to lose body fat.

Unfortunately, many people will attempt to lose fat rapidly in an unsustainable way.  They’ll revolve their life around a diet and an outrageous gym schedule.

In this blog I’m going to highlight the 7 key points that I feel are a good kick-start to the process.  

When done this way, you can lose fat without even trying.  That’s because even though your goal is to lose fat, you’re not going to try to lose fat.

Confused? Don’t be.

It all begins with a focus on your actions.

Focusing on actions (e.g., strength training three times per week) instead of outcomes (e.g. lose 15 pounds of fat) is not only more effective, but it can also be enjoyable.

What? Have fun while losing body fat?

No, I’m not going crazy, and I’m not pulling your leg.

You’ve been led to believe that losing fat is a grueling, miserable process that leaves you exhausted and hungry. (Or “hangry” as some people say: hungry + angry.)  It’s why people unenthusiastically utter, “Ugh, I have to go on a diet” instead of screaming with the utmost joy and excitement, “I get to go on a diet!”

But it’s just not true. You don’t have to work out for hours and hours every week to achieve your fat loss goals.

1) Stop focusing on fat loss

It sounds counter-intuitive, but this is important.  Stop focusing on dropping body fat directly, instead focus on your performance.

When you’re in the gym your main concern should not be burning fat and calories.  Your sole focus should be improving your performance.  Getting stronger.  Doing just a little better than last time.

Not only is this more positive (focusing on getting stronger instead of thinking “I need to look better”) and enjoyable, but it’ll also allow you to achieve the physique changes you desire along the way.

Focus on goals like deadlifting one and a half times, or double, your bodyweight, performing several chin-ups, pressing and pulling progressively heavier dumbbells, running more hill sprints, etc.

Put the focus on what your body can do, and strive to get stronger gradually.

If you do this, fat loss will become a side effect.

2) Get off the scale and track what really matters

Don’t rely on the number on the scale to indicate your success.

Instead, pay attention to the actions that will lead you closer to your goals.

Some examples include:

  • Performing three strength training workouts per week
  • Going for a 15-45 minute walk on non-lifting days
  • Eating whole food, filling, delicious meals
  • Eating enough protein (which we’ll cover in a moment)
  • Savoring your food (as opposed to just shoveling it in your mouth while watching TV)

If you focus on those things —  the actions — and keep track of your progress, then you’ll know if you’re moving in the right direction.

3)Eat your protein

When fat loss is the goal, the one macronutrient I like to be aware of is protein. Aim for 0.6 – 1 grams of protein per pound* of bodyweight as a daily average.

This level of protein has been shown to increase satiety and aid in fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

4) Follow a workout program that fits your schedule

This is very important.

You shouldn’t revolve your life around a workout programme. It needs to fit into your life if you want to achieve results, and maintain them long-term.

(Get in contact with the gym to arrange a programme to fit your lifestyle).

Focus 100% on those work-outs and make it your sole priority to improve your performance when possible.

Even though fat loss is your goal, how you eat and work out should enhance your life; not dominate it.

5) Enjoy the journey

Don’t obsess over the goal of losing body fat and looking better.

Enjoy the journey and make the most of it.  Have fun with your work-outs and be proud of what you accomplish in the gym.  Relish your ‘gains’.  Eat delicious, satisfying meals, and enjoy them.

Be proud of what you’re doing and choose to love yourself for what you’ve already achieved — don’t wait until you reach your goals.

Life is too short (and too unpredictable) to wait to be happy or miserable.  Enjoy the journey. Choose to be happy now and results will become easier.

6) Focus on the few things that truly matter

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the tiny details of a health and fitness regimen.  In fact, this is where people most often experience stress and frustration.  They simply focus on too many things at once.

If you want to lose fat (and keep it off!) do yourself a huge favour and focus on the few things that will provide the majority of the results.

7) Be consistent

Apply the previous steps consistently and you’ll get results.  And this shouldn’t be difficult because you’re going to follow guidelines that are tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, as explained above.

Are these seven steps different from most everything you’ve ever learned about fat loss?

Most likely.

But I think that’s a very good thing.  Chances are you’ve tried other diets and workout routines that either didn’t work or they were so grueling that you quickly abandoned them (and I don’t blame you!).

It’s time to take the simple, sustainable approach.

Remember, focus on the actions you can control and track such as:

  • The workouts you perform
  • Going for a walk on non-lifting days
  • Eating delicious, satisfying meals

The outcomes will happen, but they shouldn’t be your focus; they’re just going to be amazing side-effects.

Apply the seven steps above, and you can achieve fat loss, simply, and maintain it long-term. And let’s face it — that’s something crash diets and crazy workout routines can’t do.


Enjoy the Journey...


Hayden Rolfe


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