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The Perfect Diet

28-October-2016 16:17
in General
by Admin

Did the title raise those eyebrows?  Sorry, I may have told you a little white lie.  You might as well continue to read though as you’ve already started.   

Don’t pretend, we’ve all searched in Google for the ‘magic’ diet that will get us our dream physique.  We continuously hunt the worldwide web for that ground breaking answer/ pill that will change our lives forever.  Maybe we just need to find that unicorn that solves all of life’s problems… they seem to be bloody good at hiding.   

I know hundreds of people that have tried every diet you could think of …. Herbalife, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, 5:2, Dukan diet, the list goes on and on.  

The main trend that I see is no one is on that diet anymore.  It was a phase.  Been there, done that.  

The most common quote I continuously hear is “I lost x amount but THEN …. I went on holiday, I fell ill, work life got busy”.   

In my eyes this is a problem, a massive problem.  Going on holiday, falling ill (with exceptions), getting busy at work ….. This is LIFE.  Are you telling me that every time something comes up that’s it, the Michelin man inside you comes out and makes you eat an astronomical amount of food?

 Let’s start to become accountable.   

  1. When looking to change body composition and discover the new healthy you, in my personal opinion you need to find something that is sustainable.  Whatever diet you are going for, ask yourself can you see yourself following this for the rest of your life!?  If the answer is no then you should probably re consider the diet.
  2. Would you enjoy the diet? Again if no, honestly reconsider! A healthy diet is a happy diet. 
  3. Accept trial and error! The chances are you’ve already tried a diet that works for you but you may have been doing a few things wrong.  Maybe it wasn’t the nutrition that was the problem, perhaps portion control could have been a way out, or your hormone levels were all over the place, or you just needed a bit more sleep.  

The only exception for not enjoying your nutrition could be physique competitions.  As some of you may already be aware those guys/ girls put their bodies through all sorts (stay clear if they are a week away from competition, you may get your head bitten off).   

Due to getting into the fitness industry from a young age, I have always been fortunate enough to have a reasonable understanding of nutrition and fad diets.  That’s not to say I got it perfect from the start as still to this day I'm learning more and more.  The nutrition industry is constantly evolving and so are we as humans.  Seeking a professional’s help is definitely the first step to gaining a better understand of nutrition.  

As you can see online, many fitness professionals have their own option on what does work and what doesn’t with nutrition.  What makes them a good coaching is finding the correct link for you rather that telling you what you MUST do.  

My conclusion being, don’t let anyone tell you/ sell you the perfect diet.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come in a pill form and you will not get ’30 second abs’.  The fitness industry is booming and they are out to get your money.   

The right diet is the diet that suits your lifestyle.  Having a better understanding of nutrition and nutritional value will definitely help your quest to achieve the body you’ve dreamt of.  Trust me you will get it.  Never stop.   

If you have trouble with nutrition and would like to talk about it, feel free to ask any questions you may have. I’d love to help!  

Stay strong, stay healthy. 



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