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Lets's blame genetics for why you suck

28-October-2016 16:08
in General
by Admin

You got dealt shit cards in the genetics department?! Ah well, might as well get back to eating endless junk and moulding my figure back into the sofa! 

It explains a lot though, right?

Why you just can’t seem to lose weight on a healthy diet that you’ve stuck to for over a week now. Or even get strong on the strength programme you’ve been following for 12 weeks.

Don’t worry it’s not your fault: the game was rigged from the moment you were born anyway.


Yes, your genes do play a role in how your body responds to diet and exercise.

I think it was Brett Contreras who completed a study on subjects completing identical strength programmes over the same period of time. Some subjects increased their strength by 250% whereas some only increased by a small 2%.

250% vs 2% doing the same workout?!?!

Genetics also play a role in variance for dropping body fat %.

We all know that person who will literally sneeze and drop 5lbs whereas for some others it’s pretty much an impossible grind to drop 3lbs.

There are also a lot of metabolic factors that can be at play here.

So yeah, tough break. Back to the sofa.

That’s the cowards approach

The other week I was training with a friend. After the session we sat down and I devoured a bit of chocolate and a protein shake. He turned to me and said ‘You are so lucky your genes allow you to eat that. Just me looking at it is making me gain weight’.

My jaw fell from my mouth…for a good few minutes. So much so that he probably could have brushed my teeth in the time I managed to close it again.

I am so lucky!?!?

This was an insult. I was ready to get the school photos out. I can assure you he wouldn’t have made that comment back then.

It took me 16 years to realise my Mother’s comment of “its baby fat” was about as true as ‘carbs make you fat’. I was most certainly blessed with the shit genes syndrome.

To get where I am today (which is definitely not perfect) has been years and years of education and grafting.

It pretty much took me 24 months to be able to bench 2 plates either side of the barbell. I know people who complete that in 3 months, while eating out of vending machines, DAILY. Genetics.

However, for everything I lacked in the genetics department, I did have passion, persistence and a hard work ethic (unfortunately not at school, otherwise I probably would have been a lawyer, and Oscar Pistorius would have gone to prison for life.) Touchy subject, that’s for another blog.

The three things I excelled in led me to try new things, constantly keep learning and more importantly never give up!

Once I had combined all these over time, BAM I had won a small genetics battle.

I learnt that your body is a journey on a very unique trip, that only YOU can control. Genetics determine the speed that you go but you are the one behind the wheel and in control.

Unless you are Rich Froning:




No one has ‘perfect’ genetics. Everyone has something they seek to improve, whether that’s dropping body fat % or gaining muscle.

That’s what life has thrown at you but it’s about how YOU are going to play the game.

The healthier you eat, harder you train and the longer you keep this up = better genetics.

NEVER give up. EVER.


Hayden Rolfe

we're with you every rep of the way