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What is the most effective method of training for fat loss? By Hayden Rolfe

28-October-2016 15:53
in General
by Admin

The majority of the calories our bodies burn in a day are not through physical activity but instead through our resting metabolic rate’ (RMR).

The other day I heard someone in the gym say to his friends ‘If you are wanting to lose weight you need to lift weights, doing cardio makes you fat’. I went from wanting to high five him to judo chopping him in the throat within seconds.

The end of that statement he made is frankly ridiculous!

Cardio has many benefits, it supports ATP production (your energy for workouts), it aids recovery and for some individuals it can help them have a better night’s sleep. Oh… and of course it CAN help weight loss!

However, if you are looking to create a more efficient human fat loss machine, then here’s why you will benefit more from lifting weights…

Before I go through HOW, I just want to highlight ONCE more, CARDIO ISN’T BAD at helping with weight loss, it just isn’t the most effective and efficient method you can use.

 Going back to my very first statement:

 ‘The majority of the calories our bodies burn in a day are not through physical activity but instead through our resting metabolic rate’ (RMR).

 Here are the stats

  • RMR = 60-70%
  • EXERCISE = 20-30%


As you can see, 60-70% of the calories we burn in a 24 hour period are from our resting metabolic rate (RMR), 20-30% are burned through physical activities and 10-15% are burned through the thermogenic effect of food. (The energy we use in eating and processing food). The thermogenic effect of food can go up based on the food quality and the macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) we are eating.

Looking back at the stats, you can see that calories burnt through RMR is much higher than the other ways in which we burn calories, so the most effective way to increase the amount of calories you burn in a day and ultimately get rid of fat is to increase the amount of calories burnt through RMR.

 How do we increase our RMR?

 Simply by having more muscle mass!

 We can now revert back to lifting weights. The more weights we lift = the more muscle mass we build = the more calories burnt during RMR = BETTER RESULTS.

 Take home notes:


  1. Don’t listen to everything you hear. Do more research.
  2. Lifting weight creates a higher RMR
  3. We burn the majority of our calories during the day in our RMR
  4. Lift weights
  5. Eat whole, nutrient rich foods
  6. Again…Lift weights, especially ladies


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