Building a healthier community… literally

Each year Go:ver Gym takes on twelve-sixteen individuals giving them a comprehensive screening and personalised programme, weekly contact time with their coach, full use of the gym facilities and classes for free.

The goal is firstly to break down the barriers to entry and offer the free course to individuals that for a variety of reasons wouldn’t normally have access to it or assume it is not for them. The course aims to make sustainable improvements to lifestyle, health markers, confidence, fitness and strength for all the participants.

It is always a blast! Participants (who invariably classify themselves as ‘non-gym people’) surprise themselves not only with how much their energy, body composition and health markers improve but also how much they grow to enjoy it.

If you know someone who would truly benefit from our Community Project; please do ask them to get in contact with a short email about themselves to

Our 2018 Community Project has just drawn to a close. The re-tests have been done and a firm congratulation is required for all the brilliant improvements that have been made.

Special note has to go to power couple Amber and Matt Mitchell who have been absolutely militant with getting in for their training sessions and have both gone above and beyond, leaping outside their comfort zone, rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck right in with the classes.

Between them they have taken a staggering 31cms off the waist line, excitingly I think with the current level of enthusiasm this is the tip of the iceberg! We can’t wait to follow their continued progress - WELL DONE AMBER AND MATT!!

we're with you every rep of the way