We are proud of our exciting and varied class timetable;

Whatever the class, from Pilates to boxing or from ladies lifting to dance classes, we have the best team of specialist coaches to keep you progressing across the board. Give the classes below a click to find out a bit more information.

All of our classes are friendly and can be scaled for all levels of training experience-go for it! For the classes that spike your interest, give them a click and watch a short video for some more information.;



Barre Concept

A fusion of fundamental ballet techniques with traditional body conditioning exercises and the principles of Pilates and doing it all to a motivating upbeat soundtrack - we get Barre Concept. This class will help tone up & strengthen the legs, improve foot & ankle stability, increase body awareness & improve deportment. By using hand weights or bands for resistance, arms & upper back can become stronger. Improved core strength, body awareness, coordination & balance can also be achieved.
Suitable for all.

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Additional Information


Members: Free
Non Members: £7

Go: Boxing Club*

Members: £5
Non Members: £7

Junior Box Fit/Circuits**

6 week courses alongside school terms £30 per course

Booking Terms

Members can book 1 week in advance
Non Members can book 2 days in advance
To book call 01435 408607 or find us on the ‘Mind Body Online’ app

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